Got A Question?

Undoubtedly, some of you reading about our crazy lifestyle will have questions about living this way. Here is your chance to ask! Just reply here as a comment with any question you want to and I will answer it as honestly as I can.


4 responses to “Got A Question?

  1. Just found your blog, from Nicks blog (Gypsy Journal). I’ve searched all over for a way to start at the beginning and “play catch up” to todays blog. I can’t find how. Can you steer me to the right starting point and how to progress each day. Thanks, Sandee

    • Hi Sandee…thanks for your interest in our blog! I’m sorry it has not been easily navigable. But, because of you I have fixed that. On the left column now is an “Archive” drop-down where you can go back to April 2011 and start reading from there. If you have a blog, please share with me do I can check it out.

  2. Just found you through the road neighbors map. Not too familiar with bloggin so I’m not sure if this was where to send you a mesage but we are headed down your way. We have reservations in Crooked River Campground the 18 and 19th and then Manatee Springs on the 20th. Have you guys already been that way or are you headed that way? We were then going to try to find something in Tarpon Springs and then on to Ft De Soto area. How is that working out for you? We are traveling in a 24 ft RV with four kids (9,8,4 and 3)? I’ll have to give your blog a bit more of a read to see where all you’ve been. Would be nice to meet you if our paths cross somewhere down there.
    Jess Draus

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