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The Great Exodus

(Note: Please forgive the grainy photography. These were all taken with my Iphone. One reason I do not update the blog regularly is lack of good photos. This will be remedied after Christmas as I will be getting a new camera.)

After a few days in Rehoboth Beach, DE we decided to head to our Thanksgiving destination: Williamsburg/Jamestown, VA. It seems like a great place to spend this heritage-rich holiday since, after all, it is arguably the location of the first Thanksgiving celebration in the nation in 1619, two years before the pilgrims of Plymouth, MA had theirs.

We first stopped at Kiptopeke state park just north of the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel Bridge near Cape Charles, VA. It was a great place to stay. It had wonderful trails, beach walking, and spacious sites. We stayed there for 3 days and then headed across the bridge. I was a little unnerved about driving into the ocean (literally) with a 43′ trailer, but in the end it turn out to be pretty uneventful aside from the $60 it cost for our 2 vehicles to pass through it.

Chesapeake Bay Tunnel Bridge

We arrived in Williamsburg, VA and set up camp at American Heritage RV Park, about 15 minutes fro Colonial Williamsburg. We had a nice large site with good satellite reception and the playground was right across the street for Kylee to play at. The park was okay, but we much prefer the state and national parks as they are a more natural setting with better aesthetics, trails, and are cheaper.

By the weekend we were surrounded by RVs

This place is $41/day just because of its proximity to Colonial town. But, that’s why we chose it…so off to the colony we headed to explore a bit.

I should be jealous...but it IS Thomas Jefferson. Kylee wasn't impressed though.

Kylee was much more impressed with this guy.

Waxing philosophical with TJ.

Unforunately, Thanksgiving Day did not start very pleasantly. Kylee had the stomach flu earlier in the week and I picked it up the night before TDay. But, alas, I was determined to get some turkey. So, I pulled myself together late in the afternoon and we were able to keep our reservation at The Blue Talon where we were served a delicious Turkey feast. With bellies full and everybody healthy again we were ready to join the great exodus of RVers heading to Florida for the winter. We drove about 4 hours to Fayettevillle and stayed their for 2 days before heading to Savannah, GA for a week stay at Skidaway Island State Park. We loved this park! It was a little difficult maneuvering the rig through the park; but once set up the sites are acceptably private, very roomy, and aesthetically pleasing. The best part, though, was the beautiful trail system within the park, which I utilized daily for jogging.

This gorgeous red-tailed hawk was perched about 15 feet up a tree

Palm trees...a sure sign we are getting closer to Florida!

Savannah is an interesting city. We would have liked to stay longer and explore the history a bit more, but Florida was calling us! So, we spent a couple of days exploring City Market and River Streetand enjoyed these very much. Word of caution when driving down River Street: It’s one way. Generally going the wrong way on a one way street will get the folks going the right way a little excited.

There was a Grinch Christmas dance on River Street, complete with kids from Whoville.

I got distracted when this 330+ yd cargo ship came into port. This thing was impressive!

With Savannah under our belts we were ready for Florida. We drove the 3.5 hours to St. Augustine and are now set up at North Beach Camp Resort, which is set nicely between the inter-coastal waterway and the ocean. We were originally scheduled at the KOA in St. Augustine but we quickly ruled that out after 1 night there. It was way too tight, rather ugly, and the staff was not exactly in the Christmas spirit, if you know what I mean. We have found that to be pretty typical of KOA campgrounds…not sure why. North Beach is in a great location, has good hook-ups, water pressure, and friendly staff. But, it is waaaaay over-priced at $350 for the week. If the jacuzzi was warmer than 80 deg I might think otherwise, though.

Downtown St. Augustine is gorgeous.

Site 111 here is plenty big for us, but we can not get satellite reception. Not to fear, they have great cable.

Yesterday we went on our Christmas tree hunt. We decided on a real tree since we knew we would be throwing it away afterwards. Kylee had a blast decorating it!

From here we will be heading to Ocala, FL where we have reservations for 2 weeks at the beautiful Silver River State Park campground. We will spend Christmas here and then meet up with Lisa’s parents who have a place in Seminole. Lot’s of stuff happening after that! We will be meeting up with other families on the road and working on a really cool project I’ll share with you all later.