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Hanging Out with Escapees in Bushnell, FL

We arrived here at Sumter Oaks RV Park in Bushnell, FL on Tuesday. It was a short 1 hr drive from Ocala. We immediately got the feeling we were joining a tight-knit community when we arrived. Escapees RV Club members are well-known for their friendliness and they sure have lived up to that reputation since we arrived. There are a lot of full-time RVers here as evidenced by all the South Dakota and Texas tags (for those of you unaware, most full-timers domicile in these two states for tax advantages). Combine the friendliness with low low camping rates of about $16/day, the 3 resident sandhill cranes, and on-site orange trees ripe for picking,  and we are content to stay here until our Disney trip planned for Jan 6.

Yesterday, I noticed I was getting  a lot of new followers to my blog. I checked my stats to see what was going on, and I noticed I had almost 4000 hits to my blog in 1 day! I know I didn’t meet 4000 people today…but I did meet a cool couple who knows well over 4000 people: Nick and Terry Russell. Nick and Terry (as some of my readers are well aware of) are the creators of a popular bi-monthly journal for RVers called Gypsy Journal… it’s packed with stories, humor, and useful information for Rvers! They have been full-timers for 13 years now and they put on 2 rallies each year to bring RVers and wannabes together to learn and fellowship. Turns out Nick mentioned meeting us in his blog and kindly linked to our blog, thus the 4000 hits yesterday. We had a good chat with them. It was obvious to us that they love this lifestyle and love sharing it with others.

It’s kind of nice to come to a park where there are lot of other full-timers. We have been staying in state parks quite a bit since hitting the road and you don’t get  a lot of opportunity to chat with other full-timers that way. I’m pretty sure we are the youngest family in the park right now so Kylee is getting a lot of love and attention from the other campers who are reminded of their own grandkids. Kylee is pretty outgoing and will not hesitate to walk over to your site (with our permission of course) and chat it up with you. Just don’t be offended when her inquisitive little mind inquires about your wrinkles on your face as she did with one gracious neighbor today.

These folks adored Kylee