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Football, Fixes, and Fun!

Rather than write 4-5 posts to catch everyone up on where we are at, I think I will try and do it all in one post. So, bear with me!

After the fiasco with the RV damage repairs I made my way to Hell….Hell, Michigan ┬áthat is, where I met my brothers Craig and Chad and my Dad for some fun camping and the University of Michigan homecoming football game. What a great time we had! It was a relief to see them win, given the long journey we all made to get here (Craig and Dad from NY). But, we would have enjoyed ourselves even with a loss as we did when we came in 2009 when Penn State walloped them in The Big House. Some of the highlights of the weekend were eating at Zingerman’s, going to The Big House, Rocket Man (video below), and, of course, spending time with my family.

Dad and I

The Big House

Me and my brothers enjoying burgers for breakfast.

Craig, Chad, Dad at Zingermans in Ann Arbor, MI

Also while in Michigan I took it upon myself to run a 5k…the Halloween Run through Hell! There were probably 800 or so runners and the costumes were interesting.

Tie Dye Man was running with Marijuana Leaf Man


Where's Waldo?

No costume required


From Michigan I drove (sans Lisa and Kylee still who are in Delaware) to Elkhart, IN for warranty repairs on the rig. I had a heat pump that did not work and DRV installed the wrong pinbox on my rig. They installed a 21k pinbox on a rig with a 23k GVWR. When I questioned both DRV and RVsForless on this they both told me that it is the right pinbox but the wrong sticker was placed on it (the large one that says 21,ooolb GVR!). I initially said okay…but then thought I would look into it further. I called Lippert (the manufacturer of the TrailAir pinbox) and they advised it was the wrong pinbox for my rig. DRV finally admitted the error and replaced it.

My warranty work was scheduled with Paul Cross ( in Elkhart. They fouled up the schedule and said they could not fit me in for a few days! So, I went with Tiara RV instead. I worked with Scott @ Tiara and he fixed me right up. Scott was great to work with and I highly recommend Tiara RV for repairs.


I left from Elkart, In around 3:30 pm on Wednesday and drove until about 1:00 am and stopped at a service plaza in Pennsylvania, parked and slept. I woke up at 7:00am and hit the road, arriving at Lums Pond State Park in Delaware to meet my girls. I was in DE by 11:00am. I made great time.


We stayed at Lums Pond for 12 days and loved it. Who’d of thought right here in DE would be such a nice park! Great running, walking, and biking trails. Plus, it was virtually empty. While in DE I did some home repairs to appease the city inspectors who gave me a 3 page list of demands when they got wind that I was renting my house. Of course, I did the right thing and applied for a city permit before renting, thus the ‘wind’.

Site 21...the only pull-through

Lums Pond

Peaceful dock on a foggy Lums Pond

Now we are in Rehoboth Beach, DE at Delaware Seashore State Park en route to Florida. We will take our time getting there by December. This place stinks…literally of low tide smells. It is not a destination park by any means. It’s an overpriced parking lot. But, it has hookups and serves our needs for a couple of days.