Meet The Hensons




Who?  We are: Kyle  (Husband, Dad, Entrepreneur , Blogger, Hiker, Runner), Lisa (Mom, Chef, Homeschool teacher, Blogger) and Kylee (Daughter and our motivation for life)

What?  We have decided to sell everything we own except what we can fit in a small storage unit and our 43′ Fifth Wheel (A 2012 Mobile Suites 43 Atlanta  a.k.a our “house truck” as Kylee has called it) to live, work, travel, and homeschool on the road…FULL TIME!

When?  We hit the road officially as full time RVers on 9/28/2011. We have rented out our house and do not intend to live in it again. When we get tired of renting it, we will sell it.

Where?  Everywhere! We plan to cover, at a leisurely pace, every facet of this great nation as well as Canada and maybe Mexico. We will stay in RV parks, campgrounds, state and national parks, BLMs, and anywhere else we feel like it and are welcome. Heck, we may even come stay in your driveway if you’ll let us!

How? No, we are not independently wealthy! I will continue to work my current business from the road (Medicare Supplement Brokers) that I have operated since 2001  as well as pursue new business ventures when the opportunities present themselves on the road…as they inevitably will! 

Why?  This one requires a little more explanation which I will provide along the way as I blog about our travels. Hopefully, if you follow along with us it will become evident why we do what we do! But, here are a few of our reasons:

  1. To challenge ourselves to live more simply by possessing less stuff and placing more value in people.
  2. To re-define what it means to live the “American Dream” (more on this one later).
  3. To meet people and develop some eternal friendships.
  4. To enjoy each other as a family.
  5. To connect with our creator through his beautiful creations.
  6. To give our daughter, Kylee, a broader “roadschooling” education filled with experiential learning.
  7. To volunteer our time to others.
  9. To allow this list to grow…
That’s my introduction. All of these questions will be answered in much greater detail as this “House Truckin’” develops. This blog will serve as my web log of our journey. I hope to entertain, inform, and inspire my readers by being transparent and blogging regularly with thoughts and pictures from the road. Much more to come!
Are we nuts? You betcha.

10 responses to “Meet The Hensons

  1. Looking forward to following along as you launch the next phase of your adventure. Good luck.

  2. Glad to have you joining our ranks, welcome to the Full Time Lifestyle! We went through everything you did and more, we also work on the road. Will bookmark your site and watch as you pack it up and haul it down the road!

  3. Loved your “Moving Day” post! So exciting! Hope you have a wonderful adventure and we get to see you down the road!

  4. Tom & Karen Wiegman

    Karen and I are at Amazon in Campbellsville this year too. We will finish our work on Jan 14th and head to Spring Hill, Fl for the remaining winter. With around 650 workampers here this peak its hard to tell if we met. We were stowers…Karen days and I nites. Our campsite is at Heartland RV PARK. Hard work and good pay are Amazons experiences. Lots of great workamper people this year and memories that will last.
    Safe Travels Tom & Karen

    • Hi Tom…good to meet you! I think you have us confused with somebody else, though, because we have never worked at Amazon and we are in Florida right now. However, ’tis possible you recognize my wife’s name from all the stuff she orders from Amazon! Haha…

  5. Hey Kyle! Lisa, from Tracy! I admire what your family has done and look forward to seeing the states with you! Enjoy

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