The Seekers Cafe


I’m just going to put myself out there a bit. I do not enjoy blogging. I do not enjoy writing. I do, however, love sharing life with others. That’s where I have been since my last post almost 2 months ago. It has been beautiful, challenging, liberating, and sometimes stressful. But, we have been forever changed by the people we have lived alongside for the past 3 months on the road.

Posting about our comings-and-goings just would not have done justice to what has taken place this winter. Besides, it really has not been about places and sights lately. It’s been all about the people.

I want to share a little bit of my spiritual journey here today . Some of you know that I resigned my minister’s license and left the institutional church (IC) about 3 years ago and have been struggling to find something more authentic since doing so. It has been, and continues to be, a long hard struggle. Aside from losing several hundred friends in the process, the bigger challenge has been finding my way back to a place where I want to talk about my walk with God. You see, when you leave a system like the IC there is a period of “detox” that must occur in order to remove all of the filters that cloud every spiritual thought that comes through one’s brain. Detox might sound like a harsh word to describe the process of leaving a church; but, in fact, some of the things I allowed myself to believe and even preached were toxic TO ME. They certainly were not intended to be harmful; but with the baggage of negative thoughts I brought into the IC with me, the system within it became detrimental to my developing a authentic relationship with God. It wasn’t until I removed myself from the matrix of the IC and took the proverbial red pill that I could understand there is a better way to walk with God that makes sense. There is an easier way (and easy is okay—probably the hardest lesson to learn!). There is a lighter way. I am only now, after 3 years, beginning to take that way and not feel condemned for it. And I am discovering God there. I am discovering love there. I am discovering myself there; and so are many others.

After meeting many families on the road who seem to be on a similar journey as I, I decided to take a leap of faith and start a Facebook group (The Seekers Café) for us all. The aim is to have a safe place for us all to share our struggles in this journey of spiritual discovery. We have about 30 members in its first week. It’s not really about the numbers; but it is good to find that there are others (mostly fulltime traveling families) that are hungry for real fellowship with God and each other outside of the IC. I am not trying to create “a thing” out of this group, but rather prefer it be used as a tool to bring people together—nothing else.

Call it what you will, but I seemed to get the confirmation I needed to let me know I was on the right track with creating this group the day after creating it. I decided to listen to a podcast (The Life of a Pilgrim, Part 2) from The God Journey. I rarely listen to them (even though I love to), but felt led to do so that day. [If you are interested in getting a little more insight into what I was listening to and what I hope The Seekers Café becomes for people you should take the time and listen to this]. In the podcast, Wayne Jacobsen is interviewing an 89 yr old Scottsman who is sharing the story of his own journey and he begins to relay a story of his first outside-the-church experience of christian community. He began describing a people in Australia that lived in what he called “house trucks”. Of course, the title of my blog being “House Truckin’” I was intrigued. Basically, he was describing this nomadic group of families that traveled and shared life together intentionally and authentically. I was really struck at the coincidence of the topic and the words he used to describe the houses as I listened to it and considered the timing of it all. I concluded, maybe naively, that God may have had a hand in the seemingly arbitrary words my daughter spoke when she called our first motorhome a “house truck” 2 years ago. Oh, and before coming across this podcast, I almost went with the name The Pilgrims Cafe instead ;). Time will tell, but I am anticipating great things as I continue this journey with my family and share my life and spiritual journey with others.

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