Taking Out the Trash…Literally.

(It has been way too long since my last update. I am quickly learning that a blog is a real commitment of time and unless I schedule myself to do it regularly it will get neglected. I am in the process of getting one business website revamped and another new one launched…so the blog has fallen by the wayside a bit…not for lack of anything to blog about because things have been happening almost daily for the past few weeks. It will take me 3 or 4 posts to get back on track; but try I will. )

So, we stayed at Happy Holiday RV Village in Cherokee, NC for almost a month and it was time to move on. It was a great place to stay and I will write a review on this park in a separate blog. But I have something much more exciting to blog about today. The plan was to leave Cherokee, NC and head to Michigan while Lisa and Kylee went to Delaware. I was scheduled to have a few repairs done to the new rig in Elkhart, IN after I met up with my brothers and dad for the University of Michigan vs. Purdue football game on Sat 10/29.

I got all packed up on Tuesday Oct 25th and we were ready to pull out. I pulled my truck up to hitch it up and, funny thing is, it could not get underneath the pinbox of the house truck. Say what?! Yes, the pinbox was about 2 inches too low for me to get my truck and hitch underneath to hook up. I had the jacks all the way extended and still could not get underneath it. To make a long story short, after collaborating with some other guys at the park we determined the only solution was to manually jack up the rig with a car jack. We did just that and finally got ‘er hooked up. I had told Lisa to go ahead and leave earlier so she could get an early start back to Delaware. She had been on the road for about an hour by the time I was finally hooked up and ready to leave.

I was on my way out of the parking lot of the RV park and I decided I should call Lisa and let her know I was hooked up and on my way finally. So, while calling her on the phone and pulling through the parking lot, I hear, “screeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttch”. “Lisa, I gotta go”. I look in my sideview mirror and see something very big and very blue…very close to my house truck. It’s a commercial trash receptacle. Okay, it was embedded in it. Apparently, while talking on the phone I failed to assess how wide of a turn I needed to make and here is the result:

If you think this is bad, you should have seen the trash receptacle!

My heart sank to my feet when I saw what I had done. We had to chain the receptacle to a truck and pull it away from my rig in order to make the turn. I came really close to taking out a window…glad I didn’t. Well, I was on my way to RVsforless en route to Michigan, so I figured they could tell me how much it would cost to repair. I decided to stop fretting and move on. Yeah, right, don’t fret.

I arrived at RVsforless at around 3pm and set up for the night. It was too late to get to me that day so they said they would work on mine in the morning.

Mark at RVsforless took a look at it and said, “I can fix that”. I could’ve hugged him! He didn’t seem like the hugging kind so I thought wiser of it and just gave him a manly, “You’re the man, Mark”. It took him about 6 hrs…but lo and behold, he restored it to almost-original condition. 
While he was working on this, I decided I did not need any more damage to the rig and went and put new tires on my truck. I had been debating it for a while, but knew it would be expensive and decided I would try to get a few more miles on the existing tires. But, when you’re pulling 23k lbs it is not a good idea to nonchalantly try to get by with 4/32 tread on your tires. I went with 4 Michelins on the the rears and it cost a whopping $2200! But, I feel safer on them and they look pretty sweet, too.Finally, with new tires on the truck, damage repaired, and blood pressure almost back to normal it was 5:30pm and time to move on to Michigan. Total cost for this stop for  tires and damage repairs: $2650. Joy.

I am quickly realizing that I am dealing with a whole new animal with our 43′ beast. Driving the 36′ motorhome was like driving a Smart Car compared to this thing.

Next blog: Knoxville, TN to Ann Arbor, MI…this drive had it’s own little challenges of which I shall write about next time.


3 responses to “Taking Out the Trash…Literally.

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that has made some pretty big OOPS’s with his rig. lol.

    Glad you were able to get so fixed up so inexpensively Kyle. That’s awesome.

  2. Hey Kyle, multi tasking is not our greatest strenght 🙂

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