A Festivus in Waynesville, NC!

Frank Costanza: “Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way.”

Cosmo Kramer: “What happened to the doll?”

Frank Costanza: “It was destroyed. But out of that a new holiday was born: a Festivus for the rest of us!”

Kramer: “That must have been some kind of doll.”

Frank Costanza: “She was.”

What this excerpt from Seinfeld has to do with an Apple Festival in Waynesville, NC I have no idea; but anytime I think of festivals I think of this scene from Seinfeld. There were a few dolls and plenty of people to make it feel like a festivus, but in reality, it was just a fun family-friendly festival in one of our favorite Smoky Mountain towns filled with arts, crafts, street performers, and good food!

Waynesville, NC is a small town dear to our hearts. We lived here from ’05-’07 and really fell in love with its charm and proximity to the GSMNP as well as the eclectic town of Asheville about 20 min away. It has a population of less than 10k but has great coffee shops, a fantastic walking downtown district, and its natural setting will rival most mountain towns.

We had a great time watching Kylee shower herself with leaves and decorate apples while Lisa perused the interesting arts and crafts. As usual, I hovered the sidelines and just enjoyed the gorgeous Autumn weather, reminding myself that this is why we are out here. It wasn’t even very difficult to skip watching my first University of Michigan football game of the season (the first one I could get down here in the South) to come hang out with the interesting people of Western North Carolina. Having DVR doesn’t hurt, either 😉

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3 responses to “A Festivus in Waynesville, NC!

  1. Patricia Kitchen

    Looks like y’all are having fun; makes me wanna go there!
    Enjoy, Pat and Charlie 🙂

  2. Just so you know someone is reading your prose.

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