Knoxville to Cherokee

We left Knoxville, TN on Thursday and arrived here in Cherokee, NC at Happy Holiday RV Village. It’s a large park on the edge of Smoky Mountain NP that to my surprise is at only about 15% capacity. The fall colors are starting to change and the next 2-3 weeks should prove to be gorgeous. We are here until the end of the month. Here we are rolling off the RVsForLess parking lot and heading down the road…

We cut through the Smoky Mountains via I-40 (a spectacular drive) and I really put my driving skills and to the test as well as Dagny’s (our F450). We both did very well considering the climb and descent we encountered from Maggie Valley to Cherokee. There was a little “jerking” going on where it felt like the trailer was pushing Dagny a bit. I am not sure if that was natural or not…time will tell.

We arrived just before dark, unhitched without any problems, and set up camp. We spent Friday unpacking and organizing as we will be doing over the next days and weeks. I spent Saturday getting our Dish Network receivers and Satellite hooked up. We have a Winegard Travl’r dish mounted on our roof, which has worked great so far!

Lisa and Kylee building a small bookshelf to organize Kylee's library.

Kylee got right into a painting project

The finished product...well done!

It got really cold outside last night (mid 30s) and I am happy to report that our rig is SUPERBLY insulated! We have a fireplace, 2 30k BTU furnaces, and 3 heat pumps…so we are well armed for cold weather. Last night we only used 1 furnace and we all stayed cozzzzzzzzzzy!!!! 


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