Move in Day!

We got up early yesterday and headed to breakfast in Gatlinburg; then off we went to Knoxville 1 hr away to pick up our home. Does that sound odd?

We got here at RVsForLess at noon and immediately sought out our rig. We found it with some guys doing some work on it. Apparently one of the a/c units did not work so they were installing a new one.

We then began the long process of unloading the uhaul and loading our new home! We are extremely pleased with the rig. It is gorgeous inside and out and the workmanship appears to be top-notch…but time will tell on the workmanship. Today we will continue to load/unpack while my truck gets a new hitch installed in it. Then we will be moving on to Cherokee about 2hrs away, where we will be until the end of October.

Kylee was so thrilled to see her new room in the new ‘house truck’!

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15 responses to “Move in Day!

  1. Looks beautiful!! Congratulations! 🙂

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Wishing you safe and awesome travels. Hope to meet you on the road one day,

  3. Your new “House truck” look beautiful. I know you will get many years of use out of it. Educating Kylee out on the road will have many blessings for all of you. Have fun in you new home, congratulations!

  4. SWEET!!!! Hey man, I have some questions. Is your fridge gas/electric combo? Is the range gas or electric? And what do you use for aux power….. ie: battery bank and generator? Any solar?

    It’s a beautiful home! Congrats! Truck is sweet too!!!! I should know lol. It will ride like a luxury sedan once you have that 43 feet of luxury in tow. What year F450 did you get?

    • Thanks David! Our fridge is g/e combo. Range is gas and we have gas oven as well as electric convection oven. Right now I have 2 6v batteries but ordered extra battery storage compartment b/c I will be adding 2 more 6v batteries as well. I have a generator. I do not have an inverter but will eventually add one. I will also be adding solar at some point. I am second guessing the genny. I think I would have been better off with the inverter and a small portable genny. That genny is heavy.

      I towed it for the first time yesterday and the truck did pretty good. It’s a 2008 with 4.88 gear ratio, so it has the 24.5k towing capacity. I’m probably at 22.5k now. I had some jerking going down the road so not sure what the deal was with that.

  5. Your new home is stunning! I’d love to get something like that eventually, but we are going to have to start small since I want to pay cash for everything 🙂 happy travels!


  6. Thank you Karen! Your cash approach is the way to go…true freedom.

  7. Thx for the run down. If I could change anything with our RV it would be to have a gas range and a gas option on the fridge. Everything is currently electric but I’ve got a large battery bank with a couple of inverters, (2 batteries and one inverter just for the fridge), onboard diesel generator and solar panel. But we can’t run the electric stove top without the generator and I hate running the generator when we’re somewhere quiet. I wish I had more gas appliances. As for your generator… your onboard is probably better suited to power your rig than a small portable one and most of those onboard ones are pretty quiet too.

    As for the F450, you have the same exact one that I do. I get the jerking in tow/mode in low gear. I think it’s just a matter of having the most awesome amount of torque ever offered in a stock pickup. As long as it’s happening in low gear, it should be nothing to worry about… if its happening at highway speed, you might have an issue. When it happens to me I just let off the gas for a second and everything falls back into sync… then back into the gas slowly. I used to have an F800 that was converted over to a pickup and the same thing happened to that in low gear. I’ve seen tractor trailers do it too….. welcome to the world of owning a real truck 🙂

  8. You mean you can’t run the stove off your battery/inverter setup? That seems very odd. I would think with any inverter over 2k watts you would be able to.

    My truck is jerking a bit at highway speed when slowing down. The engine is not jerking…it’s a weight issue. I’ll have to be careful. I’m pulling 23k and as you know, Dagny is rated at 24.5k.

  9. Congratulations on not be homeless. Looks fantastic- have a great time exploring and learning all about your new abode.
    Ken and Bonnie

  10. Not sure what hitch you have but that might be part of the problem. Chucking I think they call it. Is it air ride of any type.

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