Home in the Mountains…..Ahhhhhh

The successful RV-Dreams rally is over. We made some new friends and refreshed our minds about some logistical items pertaining to full-timing. My presentation on Medicare/Medigap was well-received.

After the rally, we drove back to delaware to load up our belongings in a UHaul trailer to take to Knoxville, TN, where we pick up our new fifth wheel next week. Unfortunately, the largest trailer available to us was a 5×8. I took one look at it and said, “no way” will we fit all of our stuff in that small trailer. Well, thanks to having a good friend who works for UPS and has helped me move several times, I learned how to pack  a truck like it’s going out of style! We fit everything we need to live in a small 5×8 trailer and I can not believe it! (Thanks Tom Carr)

From 2000sf packed with stuff to this!

We received confirmation from Karen @ RVsforless that our unit is “off the line” and at the dealer’s lot as of yesterday. They will complete there own 2 day PDI (pre-delivery inspection) and we will go on Wed morning to do our own PDI, stay overnight in their lot, and drive it off on Thurs morning. Until then, we will be hanging out in the majestic Smoky Mountains of TN and NC. We are staying in a cabin in Gatlinburg as I type this from the front porch listening to the many species of mountain birds waking up with the sun.

There is something very magical to me about the Smoky Mountains. I always feel like I am “coming home” when I come here. I’m telling you, as soon as we got here and I had a chance to walk around outside a bit, amongst the hills, I could literally feel the stress of the past 2 months lifting off me like the fog lifting off the mountains, giving these mountains their namesake.

I am not a fan of Gatlinburg due to its ridiculous crowds and traffic, but its proximity to Cades Cove makes it a great place to stay to play in the Smokies. Yesterday we spent the day in the Cove driving around and hiking a little. We have been here many times before and I never tire of its beauty. The cove used to be a community of 700+ families before the National Park Service forced them all out to establish and preserve the flora and fauna of the region. I have a love-hate relationship with our NPS…but I digress.

Roadschooling has begun: Kylee learns about the dung beetle!

Oh come on, I know you wanted a close up of the dung beetle.

John Oliver's residence. This last resident of Cades Cove died in 1999.

Inside Oliver's cabin

One of the things I love about the Smokies...the smell. The air has a sweet walnut smell about it , especially after a rain.

Kylee on safari through the cove.

The highlight of the day was when we got to see a few bears. One we saw running across a field right behind two amateur photographers that did not even notice him (haha)…we did not get a picture of him, but he was relatively big (~300lb). Then, later we saw a small mom and her cub.

 We got lots of photos but we desperately need a zoom lens! Hey, my birthday happens to be next week, hmmmm.

If you look closely at the last pic you can see the cub hiding in the grass.


6 responses to “Home in the Mountains…..Ahhhhhh

  1. 5×8 trailer filled with “STUFF” to live F/T in your new 5th???? Sounds like you’re packing too much. Just kidding enjoy and live well!

  2. Looking forward to following your blog ….and to hearing how much of the VIP “stuff” in the 5×8 U-Haulit gets dumped later on 🙂 Seriously, enjoy the new home. Maybe we’ll catch up with you somewhere at a rally.

    • Hi Candace,

      Your comment reminds me of another dream of mine–thruhiking the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. A large number of thruhikers start their hike in Georgia carrying 60-100lbs of gear. By the time they reach the 100mi mark (If they make it that far) they have shed half of their gear. It is said that one can collect a lot of very nice expensive gear in the spring time just by walking this stretch of trail in Georgia in collecting this disposed-of gear. I wonder where all the new fulltime RVers toss their stuff??

  3. Kyle you should feel at home, at peace with the smokies & eastern TN all your heritage is from Clinch Mtn. & The Smokies (your grandmother’s side maternally).

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