Lot’s going on!

It has been over 60 days since my last post and a lot has changed since then! Most notably, we are pretty much full-timing now even though we have not sold our house still. We have spent the past month with my family in Cooperstown, NY. We have decided we do not want to spend any more time than absolutely necessary in the Delaware heat this summer.  We have been staying at a nice RV Park called Hartwick Highlands about 3 miles from Coops. It wouldn’t normally be a destination park for us, but it is a good fit in close proximity to the village and my family. The owners are fantastic and the facilities are very nice.

The most significant change in our plans since my last post is that we have ordered a new home. We are trading in our 36′ motorhome for a new 2012 custom-built 43′ DRV Mobile Suites fifth wheel. That’s right…forty three feet! Which also means I have to trade in my 1/2 ton Dodge Ram for a 1.5 ton F-450 diesel with duallys…or a M2 Freightliner. We opted for the F450 🙂

This is not our unit…but it is the same brand/model/floor plan we ordered:

Construction has begun on our new home today and it will take about 8 weeks to complete. More details on this later…I just wanted to post an update to keep this blog alive until I start bogging regularly on the road.

We will be heading to Bar Harbor, Maine; Warren, New Hampshire; New York to visit family again; and Hershey PA for the RV-Dreams rally over the next 2 months; then it’s on to Knoxville TN by October to pick up our new home.

To be continued . . .


6 responses to “Lot’s going on!

  1. We too have been looking at trucks and the one that comes highly recommended is a Chevy 3500 Duramax Allison dually. Had a Ford guy say his dad had the Ford duallys and finally gave up on them after have several and went to the Chevy and has had no trouble at all with it. What made you decide to go to a fifth wheel? You do realize that most National Parks will not be able to accomidate a fifth wheel that big.

  2. Hi Susie,
    I would go with the Chevy if it could pull me. but, alas, it can not. Our new 5er will weight in excess of 21k lbs. Why the 5er? More living space and better quality construction than anything else we looked at. We realize we will have to park it on the ouskirts and drive into many national parks and we are okay with that.

  3. Lisa A. Boothe

    I see a baby in the near future! Blessings and a big smile – Lisa
    Enjoy, we are very happy for you all!

  4. Thank you, Lisa. Looking forward to hanging out with you all in NH next month!

  5. Bruce Coulson

    Congratulations, looks great! I have a feeling that we might consider a 5th wheel in the future. It really gives the feeling of a home.

  6. Wow Kyle! You guys are really doing what you said!:) Well we are glad you and Lisa are having fun on the road- post more pics of your adventures! Be safe in your travels, we love you guys- be sure to let us know when you are back in town and maybe we can get together with you:).
    Love & Prayers
    Alita and Chris

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