Cashin’ in our chips

Who?  We are: Kyle age 38 (Dad, business owner, and author of this blog), Lisa age 34 (Mom, homeschool teacher) and Kylee age 3 (The apple of my eye)

What?  We have decided to sell everything we own except what we can fit in a small storage unit and our 36′ Motorhome (A 2008 Holiday Rambler Admiral 34sbd a.k.a our “house truck” as Kylee has called it) to live, work, travel, and homeschool on the road…FULL TIME!

When?  We are currently in the process of getting rid of stuff and will put the house on the market in May. When it sells, we are officially “full-timing”. Until it sells we will be in our planning and research phase.

Where?  Everywhere! We plan to cover, at a leisurely pace, every facet of this great nation as well as Canada and maybe Mexico. We will stay in RV parks, campgrounds, state and national parks, BLMs, and anywhere else we feel like it and are welcome. Heck, we may even come stay in your driveway if you’ll let us!

How? No, we are not independently wealthy! I will continue to work my current business (Medicare Supplement Brokers) from the road.

Why?  This one requires a little more explanation which I will provide as we approach launch day. Hopefully, if you follow along with us it will become evident why we do what we do! But, here are a few of our reasons:

  1. To challenge ourselves to live more simply by possessing less stuff and placing more value in people.
  2. To re-define what it means to live the “American Dream” (more on this one later).
  3. To meet people and develop some eternal friendships.
  4. To enjoy each other as a family.
  5. To connect with our creator through his beautiful creations.
  6. To give our daughter, Kylee, a broader “roadschooling” education filled with experiential learning.
  7. To volunteer our time to others.
  9. To allow this list to grow…
That’s my introduction. All of these questions will be answered in much greater detail as this “House Truckin'” develops. This blog will serve as my diary of our journey. I hope to entertain and inspire my readers by being transparent and blogging regularly with thoughts and pictures from the road. Much more to come!
Are we nuts? You betcha.

12 responses to “Cashin’ in our chips

  1. Welcome to the site – we also have our home in Santa Fe NM up for sale and are doing research on Class A’s anc C’s and will purchase one as soon as the house sells – which may be a while in the ecomomy!
    Welcome aboard – it’s a very informative site.

  2. Mike & Anne Crum

    Kyle,Lisa & Kylee,

    We wish you all the luck in selling your home and safe travels where ever you go.You and your families lives will enriched through this experience.
    If you are able make sure you attend one of the RV-Dreams Rally’s they are worth the time spent.

    Mike & Anne

  3. What a great adventure! We’re also in the process of transitioning to fulltime rving. We’ll still be working because we can’t afford not to, but like you figure we can do that from the rv. Wish I would’ve had your courage to try a different way when I was your age!

  4. Congrats on the blog! Looks good!!
    Just wondering if you plan on towing a car also to use when camped in a site for a few days?
    Hope the house sells soon!

  5. Nice start to your blog. We just sold our house and we are heading out in just over a month when it closes. I wish I had of did it when my kids were younger as you are. Homeschooling while on the road would have been so very rewarding. I am looking forward to more posts from you as you travel.

  6. As Kyle’s Dad, I am always intrigued by the twists & turns Kyle & Lisa select. You see; they do not limit themselves to the two proverbial roads to select from, instead, they are always positioned in the middle of a wheel with endless spokes offered as a path to follow. I wish them safety.

    • Thanks, Dad. We expected the word “safety” would by in your remarks somewhere 🙂

    • Hi Jack,
      Kyle and his family are very adventurous and I think it’s going to be a great experiential learning experience. I’m sure there will be challenges, but I am confident that there will be many more fruitful and exciting opportunities as they explore this great country.

  7. House is still on the market – but we are committed to this Vagabond Venture of F/T RV-ing.This year – next year -as each day passes I figure we are one more day closer to selling our home and hitting the road! More time for research – I do at least one – two hours per day of RV Research.

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